Digital Product Passport

February 18, 2024

Get ready for the European Product Passport!


In December 2023, during Spain's presidency, the EU agreed on Directive 2019/125/EC, focusing on Ecodesign. This directive covers key areas such as circularity, textile waste recycling and the introduction of a Product Passport.

We'll go into more detail, but here's the main point: Europe is giving our industry roughly 18 months to craft a solution for recycling our sun protection textile waste (think manfacturing waste like out-of-spec yarn or fabrics and cutting waste in confection) and to incorporate end-of-life recycling processes in to the design of our sun protection systems.

Are you prepared?


Even faster, the European Digital Product Passport will become a reality. To streamline things for you, we've spent the past two years researching and testing various approaches. We've explored options like QR codes and RFID chips and rigorously tested them to ensure they translate from theory to real-world solutions. Based on our findings, we believe RFID chipsare the only viable option for external screen systems. Recently, our Sunconfex RFID solution underwent a rigorous 4,000-hour ISO-4982-3:2016 test at a third-party lab, and we're happy to share that we passed this severe test and could still read the info on our selected RFID-chip.


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