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Sunconfex group
February 29, 2024

From distribution to manufacturing

We create shade and help protect your space from heat. So we provide a healthy indoor climate. Moreover we make buildings more energy efficient and sustainable. All key elements if you think about climate change.

Within the group, Solaye Fabrics distributes high-quality awning fabric on rolls, in short, the ideal partner for your indoor and outdoor awnings. We are the exclusive distributor of Sunshadow screen fabrics from Alkenz in Europe. The South Korean brand has a solid reputation in the sunshade industry. With Alkenz we offer you a quality solution you can rely on.

Large inventory available, Our approach is highly flexible. With an active inventory of over 5,000 rolls – managed digitally and replenished automatically – we can quickly provide the requested fabrics and quantities forall your projects. Pick up your orders yourself or have them delivered. You canfollow every delivery via a track & trace system.

Sunconfex specialises in making customised sunshade fabrics. The reliable partner in your production process, with branches in Belgium (Ypres) and Germany (Leipheim).

Guaranteed tight screens!
Each screen fabric receives a quality standard finish that can be personalised or expanded with one or more innovative technologies upon request. By integrating all Sunconfex innovations, you enjoy the guarantee of perfection, both functionally and aesthetically. For those are seeking added value and demand nothing but the very best.

We love the sun. But we also want to protect ourselves from the heat. Also in our home. Sun protection creates a healthy indoor climate to live in. In addition, sun protection affects the E-level of buildings: you make buildings more sustainable and save energy.

We work with and for you! Whether in the confection of made-to-measure sunshadefabrics or the distribution of fabric on roll, we always strive for operational excellence. This also applies to the service we provide. Your satisfaction isour number one priority.

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