De ideale productiehal voor de productie van zonneschermen

Sunconfex Produces Sun Screens More Efficiently than Ever Before thanks to Lean Manufacturing

Are you already familiar with the principles of lean manufacturing? It is a management philosophy that seeks to maximize productivity while minimizing waste. This benefits the end customer, who, as a consequence, does not have to pay for unnecessary costs. It is a philosophy that originated in the manufacturing halls of Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, which relied on scientific arguments. In the nineteen nineties, the approach was adopted around the world. It’s all about optimizing production workflow by striving for a strong visual-logical work set-up whereby the employees have good knowledge of the priorities, while at the same time limiting the margin of error.

The Perfect Manufacturing Hall for the Production of Sun Screens

We decided to do the exercise ourselves during last year’s Christmas and New Year holiday period: we carried out a thorough optimization of our manufacturing hall. All tables, welding machines and sorting carts were assigned a new spot in the manufacturing hall of Ypres – clever, well thought-out and efficient. We’ve been working with the new set-up for a few months now, and the results are positive: our production processes run even more smoothly. Our sun screens are manufactured even more quickly and precisely, and they are of even greater quality. This only ends up benefiting our customers. Are you considering adopting lean manufacturing yourself? We highly recommend it!

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