Geen horizontale rimpels meer dankzij ZipFix

No more horizontal wrinkles thanks to ZipFix

Traditional systems for attaching the fabric to the fabric tube lead to typical horizontal wrinkles because of the thickening at the point where the fabric is fastened to the roll. Do you think that such wrinkles are inelegant on your premises and do you want your screen to be really tight? The ZipFix mounting profile definitively eliminates annoying wrinkles and impression lines.

Extremely thin, just as sturdy

The ZipFix mounting profile is at least as strong as the traditional fastening methods, but it is extremely thin. Therefore screens provided with ZipFix are extremely tight and look good in any street scene. ZipFix can be used with all types of steel fabric tubes.

An ingenious system

The ZipFix system consists of an ingenious profile with a spring action, constructed by means of co-extrusion. The profile quickly and easily slides over a half zip which has been welded to the screen at the top. Subsequently, in a few seconds the whole is fixed to the screen tube with the specially developed ZipFix Fastener Tool.

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