Hoe advies- en consultancybureau Moore Belgium ons hielp bij de herstructurering van onze productie en managementorganisatie

Kwaliteit, snelheid en service zijn al sinds 2005 de pijlers waarop Sunconfex gebouwd is. Bovendien zet Sunconfex in op innovatie en met twee patenten op zak steeg de groei aanzienlijk in de laatste drie jaar. Om de drie pijlers staande te houden, ook in tijden van vlugge groei waarin ze weleens onder druk komen te staan, zocht Sunconfex het advies- en consultancybureau Moore Belgium aan om een audit door te voeren van de huidige operationele processen, van orderintake tot levering.

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Hoe we onze screendoeken op kwaliteit controleren
Hoe we onze screendoeken op kwaliteit controleren

We already explained how we achieve our production speed and our delivery reliability score of 96% in June and July in our previous news release. Another important pillar of our company philosophy is quality. Here too we make a sustained effort. The processing of our screens is done with minute attention to detail. We have very detailed instructions for this, which every team member must know and apply with great care. And finally, we test the screens one last time before delivery. We have set out the main points for attention below.

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How we achieved a delivery reliability score of 96% during the high season
Hoe we in vol topseizoen een leverbetrouwbaarheid van 96 % scoorden

We are proud to announce that we achieved a delivery reliability score of 96% in June and July for our screens. This is substantially better than ever before, in the high season too. So please forgive us for blowing our own trumpet: we owe this amazing performance to the entire team. Obviously, there is reason why we were able to achieve such a high score. We make our customers three promises, about quality, service and reliability. And we work hard to deliver on all three of our promises.

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New: solar shade fabrics with an openness factor of 10
Nieuw: screendoeken met openingsfactor 10

Thanks to innovations like Improved Zip Technology, Zipfix and ClickOn 2 Sunconfex lives up to its goal of bringing the sleekest, most streamlined awnings to the market. Our urge for innovation compels us to remain the prominent player in the European made-up sun protection textile sector we are today.

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At Sunconfex there is new space for work and relaxation
Bij Sunconfex is nieuwe ruimte voor werk én ontspanning

Work hard, play hard! From March 2020 we will not only start a third production line where six new employees will work. At the same time we are installing a new social space in which around 60 production operators can take a break, eat, relax and enjoy themselves for a while. With its sunny balcony a really inviting hotspot for an after-work drink!

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Sunconfex Produces Sun Screens More Efficiently than Ever Before thanks to Lean Manufacturing
De ideale productiehal voor de productie van zonneschermen

Are you already familiar with the principles of lean manufacturing? It is a management philosophy that seeks to maximize productivity while minimizing waste. This benefits the end customer, who, as a consequence, does not have to pay for unnecessary costs. It is a philosophy that originated in the manufacturing halls of Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, which relied on scientific arguments. In the nineteen nineties, the approach was adopted around the world. It’s all about optimizing production workflow by striving for a strong visual-logical work set-up whereby the employees have good knowledge of the priorities, while at the same time limiting the margin of error.

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Discover the advantages of our innovations: ZipFix and ClickOn2
Ontdek de voordelen van onze innovaties: ZipFix en ClickOn2

Sunconfex is continuously investing in research and development, resulting in major innovations which make our exterior screens the flattest and tightest on the market. In our pursuit of an 'improved screen' – a screen that in all circumstances has a tight fit to the window at the top, bottom and sides – we also developed the ClickOn2 click piping and the ZipFix mounting profile. What is the concrete added value of these advanced fabric attachment systems for you as a consumer, installer or manufacturer?

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No more horizontal wrinkles thanks to ZipFix
Geen horizontale rimpels meer dankzij ZipFix

Traditional systems for attaching the fabric to the fabric tube lead to typical horizontal wrinkles because of the thickening at the point where the fabric is fastened to the roll. Do you think that such wrinkles are inelegant on your premises and do you want your screen to be really tight? The ZipFix mounting profile definitively eliminates annoying wrinkles and impression lines.

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Taste the atmosphere at R + T Stuttgart 2018
Sunconfex R+T Stuttgart 2018

Some pictures of R + T Stuttgart 2018: https://www.myalbum.com/album/CHqKlA3YPgOJ

Sunconfex presents Improved Screen on R + T 2018

Meet us at R + T 2018 in Stuttgart, we will present all the benefits of the unique Improved Screen Zip Technology. The most sleek outside screen of the market thanks to its innovations.
Furthermore, renewed concepts and colors are also presented that come into our range screen. R + T takes place from 27 Feb. until 3 March, you will find us at stand Halle 1 G 72.