Hoe we onze screendoeken op kwaliteit controleren

How we check the quality of our screens

We already explained how we achieve our production speed and our delivery reliability score of 96% in June and July in our previous news release. Another important pillar of our company philosophy is quality. Here too we make a sustained effort. The processing of our screens is done with minute attention to detail. We have very detailed instructions for this, which every team member must know and apply with great care. And finally, we test the screens one last time before delivery. We have set out the main points for attention below.

Control that the zipper is securely attached

When the fabric is rolled out, a zipper is welded to it that ensure the seamless conduction of the screen up and down the track. This is done using a subtle interaction of warmth, placement and pressure. Once the machine has been set to attach a series of zippers, we always check first whether the zipper is securely attached.

Checklist: check, check, check

After the screens have been fitted with zippers and/or loops and/or Zipfix or Click On, the following is checked again:

  • Dimensions
  • Squareness
  • Finishing
  • Cleanliness
  • Damage
  • Weaving errors
  • For use in a recessed or surface-mounted system

This ensures that the zipper, Click On or Zipfix is correctly and securely attached on the right side of the fabric and that the customer receives an impeccable screen with the requested dimensions.

The above quality checks go hand in hand with our other assets, i.e., quality and service. Quality assurance can be time-consuming but it is efficiently embedded in our workflow to ensure it does not hamper our delivery speed. Moreover, quality in itself is a form of service: nobody will be happy if a zipper comes undone after just a short period of use. The end customer will be unsatisfied, and so will you and we. That is why we only deliver our screens after several thorough checks.

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