Hoe we in vol topseizoen een leverbetrouwbaarheid van 96 % scoorden

How we achieved a delivery reliability score of 96% during the high season

We are proud to announce that we achieved a delivery reliability score of 96% in June and July for our screens. This is substantially better than ever before, in the high season too. So please forgive us for blowing our own trumpet: we owe this amazing performance to the entire team. Obviously, there is reason why we were able to achieve such a high score. We make our customers three promises, about quality, service and reliability. And we work hard to deliver on all three of our promises.

The entire company has the same mindset

We have adapted our workflow in the past year to increase our delivery speed. When we receive large orders, our aim is to process them within 24 hours so that everything is clearly indicated, in real-time, on the planning screen of our customer service. From this point onwards, we work in accordance with our delivery promise to the customer: the entire company and team have the same mindset.

We received assistance from a consulting and advisory agency called Moore Stephens for this optimisation exercise. They introduced us to Swiss production methods, the principles of lean manufacturing and the 5S management philosophy (short, straighten, shine, standardise and sustain). That is how we are now able to promise delivery within 11 days for large orders. We hope to reduce this to 7 days in the near future.

An ongoing efficiency exercise

We have yet to complete this efficiency exercise. Rome wasn’t built in a day, let alone in a few months and the same applies to this process. The new method is being implemented step by step in our production departments and we won’t stop until it is applied in every step of the production process: from the supply of the fabric roll to the cutting, the finishing and the packaging. In our next press release, we will discuss the new management techniques in more detail and introduce Moore Stephens to you. So you know that we are working daily on improving ourselves and the products that we supply to you.

While we’re at it, we also want to inform you that we are expanding our capacity at the same time as we are improving our efficiency. We are currently building a new production plant, where automation will only increase and accelerate the production process. Things will only get better at Sunconfex!