Ontdek de voordelen van onze innovaties: ZipFix en ClickOn2

Discover the advantages of our innovations: ZipFix and ClickOn2

Sunconfex is continuously investing in research and development, resulting in major innovations which make our exterior screens the flattest and tightest on the market. In our pursuit of an 'improved screen' – a screen that in all circumstances has a tight fit to the window at the top, bottom and sides – we also developed the ClickOn2 click piping and the ZipFix mounting profile. What is the concrete added value of these advanced fabric attachment systems for you as a consumer, installer or manufacturer?

Benefits for the consumer

When a sun-screen fabric with traditional fabric spline fastening has been rolled up for a while, it will show unsightly horizontal impression lines at regular intervals. On a screen provided with our ClickOn2 system these impression lines are reduced to a minimum and no longer a nuisance. If the ZipFix system is used, there will be no impression lines at all.

Benefits for the installer

When the fabric has been fixed with the ZipFix mounting profile it can be quickly and easily be corrected on the fabric tube by hand. Therefore the fabric can be mounted perfectly perpendicular to the bottom bar. With ZipFix as well as ClickOn2 mounting and replacing can be done in a few minutes, should the fabric have to be replaced.

Benefits for the manufacturer

Mounting a screen with a length of 3 metres by means of ZipFix fastening is on average twice as fast as assembling a screen with traditional fixing with a fabric spline. In addition, for every screen you save 1 fabric spline and 3 cm of fabric since the fabric loop is eliminated. With ClickOn2 the attachment is even faster. Another important plus of the two systems is the fact that it is not necessary to stretch the fabric during the mounting procedure.

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