Sunconfex is one of the biggest and most prominent players in the European made-to-measure sun protection textile sector since 2005. We are also proud of our position as an in-house supplier to the five leading fabricators of sun screen systems in Europe. We could hardly ask for a better recommendation. Sunconfex operates from centrally located sites in Belgium (Ypres) and Germany (Jettingen-Scheppach/Bavaria) and produces more than 500.000 m² of sun protection fabric covers every year. This is something we are of course very pleased about. But, what is much more important to us, is that our products fulfil the most stringent quality requirements and that our customer service is impeccable, now and in future. We only work with the very best fabrics and use state-of-the-art production methods. Moreover, the continuous efforts of our R&D department have resulted in numerous improvements and several patents, such as the Click Profile, Visitex, ZipFix and Improved Zip Technology.